Wednesday, July 16, 2008

please pray for contractions...

I'm hanging out at home. And still, no contractions! :( I'm about to take a walk to see what we can get worked up here.

We did go out to breakfast, but then Matt's mom called (she's keeping pretty close tabs on us these days) and she told us she was home with a headache, and since she was Lizzy's ride home from school, we just came back home from the restaurant and Lizzy will hang out here.

Matt and Uncle Nick just took Lizzy to the pool to work off some of that energy. She has been reacting rather strangely, and perhaps predictably. The news of the impending baby seems secondary -- perhaps even tertiary -- to whatever she's been into at the moment. "Mom, you may be sitting on the toilet (amniotic fluid issues -- sorry, tmi), but COME WATCH ME PUT ON A PUPPET SHOW!" Hey, listen to me play the piano! Watch me strike the keyboard harder than I know I'm supposed to! Etc. Argghhh. That adjustment from only-childdom might be a struggle.

So, when the boyzz and the girl get back, I'm gonna drag Matt out into the July heat for a stroll through the neighborhood. See what we can get worked up here. I'd tell you what else the midwife recommended (you might remember it from an earlier post), but it would make me blush. Eeek.

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