Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'll get in trouble for this

Here's an e-mail we just received from our company lawyer. Awesome. (the language he's using, not so much what he's saying.

There is a computer software failure effecting (sic) S&S employees. The DOD and Army systems currently do not recognize some organizations in their ID Card (CAC) systems including S&S. Consequently anyone attempting to have issued a new or renewal ID card will not be able to do so. The WRAMC NAF Personnel office is pursuing a fix to the system with the IT leadership and will keep us informed as to when the system is operable. We hope this will not be an extensive disruption to service to us.

A couple of days ago, I heard about a gal in my office whose HR records reflected that she had been terminated (fired, not killed, I should specify). Why? Because they couldn't figure out what department she was in, so they just decided to kill the file and not have to deal with it. Ahhh, the government.

And I got my fun-filled letter from A*TNA last night, informing me that someone stole a laptop out of someone's car while that second A*TNA employee someone was running a personal errand, which means that my, and thousands of other A*TNA-insured folks, have personal info -- S.S. number -- floating out there. Oh yeah, so does Lizzy.
What really peeves me is, I didn't want to be insured by them. I'm actually insured by Kaiser. But they're the only dental plan that we're offered.
I'm told their stock dropped drastically today. HA.
Any others of you affected by this? Woo hoo! Fun with personal info.

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  1. Good ol' Army. I was in for eight years and 10 months and I STILL can't make heads or tails of that e-mail. Only someone in the military can write an entire paragraph and completely baffle his readers with acronyms and passive voice. Aaaack! Better you than me, my friend.