Tuesday, March 07, 2006

like gold. or was it silver?

I got to re-connect with some wonderful old friends on Sunday. Old by my D.C.-era standards, anyway. English Friend John was breezing through, so Friend Kelsey, who is off to Sudan for a year this week, of all places, threw together a little gathering so we old friends could convene. Dotty was there, and Ms. Duh, and the Parents-To-Be, and other fan favorites. Lizzy went along, and everyone politely sat through one of her songs that went on far too long, and admired her many other 3-year-old products and accomplishments, and John even swung her upside down by her legs (upon request) THREE TIMES, as Lizzy eagerly recounted in the car on the way home. Lizzy has always had a special place in her heart for John. He's just one of those kid-pleasing types.

I think we all got a kick out of seeing each other again. It's strange, though -- I take stock of these gatherings as we're driving away, and I think, was that as satisfying as I'd hoped? It never is, which I guess is a good thing. I always leave my friends wanting more. I guess that's why they're my friends -- they're just so darned fun to be with.

Earlier that day, we hung with our Mars Hill churchmates, whom I had not seen in what felt like forever. I guess it wasn't that long. Hm. Well, I have a hefty deficit to make up, darnit!
I love the folks in my "new" church. It's kinda frustrating to know that I'll never know them as well as many of my old friends, no matter how long a time we have, simply because of the nature of the time (single, easy scheduling, fancy-free lifestyle of bygone days). Thanks, City Lady, for hosting lunch!

There are always advantages and disadvantages when things change, I suppose. The relationships won't be the same, but there will be new kinds of sweetness about them. I hope!


  1. This post topic reminds me of the Michael W. Smith song we'd sing at church camp at the last bonfire: Friends. To properly illustrate the emotional impact of the song and so that Jason can see what he missed out by having a non-Christian upbringing, I'd sing it with a slight warbling & wipe at my eyes.

  2. Eyebrows: creased with sincerity.
    Eyes: half-closed, glittering with tears.
    Voice: slightly strained, to sing with passion as well as quietly.
    Arms: around the virtual shoulders of those on either side.
    Body: swaying
    Hair: got some marshmallow stuck in it but oh well, this is serious.

    FRIENDS ARE FRIENDS FOREVER if the Lord's the Lord of them... and we will not say never... blah blah blah


    But it was nice to see you this weekend.

  3. Greta Davies6:02 PM EST

    Ya know, I realize that I couldn't have come on such short notice, but still, an invitation would have been nice. :) I always feel SO incredibly jealous when you all get together without me. Now I'm sad.