Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I am a wannabe list-making person. I love lists. And I love checking things off lists. But mostly, they’re to remind me of easily categorized stuff. Friend Erin has inspired me to carry a notebook wherever I go, but sadly, I rarely write in it. But it’s there if I ever WANT to!

One of my lists is a common one, I believe. Life Goals. Not major things, like, say, retire with that oft-estimated necessary one million dollars, or … I dunno, climb Mount Everest. Or make the world a better place in some undefinable way, thus defeating the purpose of setting measurable goals. I’m talking about the little things that you want to do one day, just to say you did. Stuff like, bungee jump off a crazy high bridge. That’s one of mine. But the bridge over the high ravine is an important element, because in my mind, I would be able to survive if the rope was too long, or broke, or something, if I did it over water. Yes! A 200-foot fall will be no biggie if only I can land in the water! In perfect swan dive formation, of course.

The list of places I want to see before I die – travel goals – are too lengthy to mention. It’s depressingly long. It’s like good books – there are some that are so well-loved, I’d like to read them about 10 times more. But there are so many out there I haven’t read yet at all! And now that I know Matt, I want to take him to all of the cool places I've ever been, so he can experience them, too. *sigh*

Back to today’s goal. It’s a great goal, because it’s totally achieveable: Someday, I want to sing karaoke while backed by a full band. They do this, you know. Somewhere. I don’t know where in D.C., and I don’t think of D.C. as a super fun place to do it. But … someday.


  1. I hope you shout out your topic header at the top of your lungs each time you get to check something off.

  2. Is it considered 'karaoke' if you have a full band? Or is that just considered 'cover band'? And don't you know someone who's in a superstar cover band? Who's list probably includes getting you to sing?

  3. Heh.
    Well, don't tell anyone!, but Matt probably would rather pretend he weren't in this particular band these days. It sorta ran its course long ago. I was wearing the "band shirt last night," which his best friend (who is the drummer)'s mom made back when, and I wore for Halloween a few years back when I was a "groupie," and Matt just despises the sight of it.
    And yet... I don't think he would ever let me sing along, backed by the band. *sob*
    (nor would I want to, for the record. It would all be too too embarrassing... No, it has to be a situation in which lots of other folks, some perhaps even worse singers than me!, are suffering similar self-inflicted humiliation.)

  4. Hey Kate! If you ever find a place to sing karaoke while backed by a full band, you have to let me know so I can go with you! Actually, I love karaoke in general, although I think you really need to go w/a big group to get the full effect. When I was in grad school we used to go to this total dive in Fairfax called Patriot's Cafe. It had the best selection. And you should totally find some way to sing otherwise--I mean, Schuyler and I could probably use you in whatever our next vocal venture turns out to be--although it might be a little hard to find a time/place to get together and run through it! :)

  5. I'm so glad I've inspired you *grin*. I'm an enabler like that sometimes. Sadly though, you're probably writing more than I am right now.