Thursday, December 29, 2005

Letter rip

Sheeeeminey. I mean, I know a blog is public, which is partly the point, but I must keep in mind that the Post puts a link to your blog if you link to one of its stories. Yikes! Thanks for the alert, Becky.
In a defensive move -- you're gonna love this -- I'm going to post an ooey-gooey Lizzy-filled entry right on top! So if anyone comes here looking for politics, they will be repulsed and flee before the kid-friendliness sends them into a sugar coma. YESSSSSS.

But seriously, Lizzy did something awesome yesterday. It's so wild to see your kid grow and mature and advance and learn. Crazy, crazy stuff.

When Matt and I got to the day care, the teacher pulled us aside and said she had something to show us. She didn't want to give it to us yet -- they keep evidence of the kids' advancement, apparently -- but she showed us a paper on which Lizzy had WRITTEN HER NAME. Granted, it was "Lizzy," not "Elizabeth" -- only four letters to master -- but, oh my gosh! How amazing! Matt and I were flipping out. It's just the cutest thing. I wish I had a photo of it to post here. Maybe I'll work on that.
Lizzy -- turning our world upside down, one letter at a time. :)

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