Tuesday, February 17, 2009

tonight's dilemma

A movie of the highest importance -- to one of us, at least -- is released on DVD today.
Also, the first 'America gets to vote' episode of 'American Idol' is on tonight, complete with the loathsome Tatiana.
What to do? What to do?
Do I deny the 6-year-old her right to watch the movie I didn't get her to the theater to see? No way am I staying up late enough after her bedtime to watch 'my' show. Two hours of A.I.? Sounds like a bit much, and yet -- I've GOT to be there!
The Hubby says, no big deal! We have two TVs.
And I wonder: It's bad enough to be the family that will be watching TV all evening. Do I really want to be That Family? The one who is watching two DIFFERENT TVs all evening?


  1. What can you do? Different shows, for different folks. On A.I. night, Jason banishes himself to the freezing upstairs to watch ANYTHING besides A.I.

  2. Julie, we need to live next door to each other so we can watch Monk and A.I. together! SOME people just don't understand. :)