Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Recently, an old (as in longtime) friend who has a baby around Maddie's age remarked on her blog that around 6 months was one of her favorite 'baby ages' -- they're cute and cuddly, interactive, but not too mobile (and independent) yet. I commented that I was having a hard time with the stage. Missing my newborn, and yet a bit impatient with my child's impatience to be able to amuse herself (by scooting around and getting into trouble).
I think I've changed my mind.
Maddie is such a treat to merely pick up these days. It's like handling a koala bear. She kind of curves herself into you -- until she feels like pushing away a few seconds later in pursuit of something new, that is -- and the top of her head is so soft. She (physically) reminds me of Verne the turtle, from the 'Over the Hedge' comic strip. He's got a little spike of hair on top, and a prominent nose, and cute little fingers, and a poochy tummy, just like my wee girl. As her daddy said, Maddie looks like a cartoon character -- all circles held together with chub.
And she's reaching for us these days, which of course warms my heart. Reaches and rewards with big smiles. Unless she sees me and she's hungry, in which case I get cries. But that's okay.
When we put her on her tummy, she pushes herself way up, and sometimes leans back on her haunches, as if considering the possibilities. It's getting easier to imagine the day she will be scooting around, exploring all on her own.
She's getting more of the hang of the solid food-eating, too. Still not exactly all the way there, but so much better. Not sleeping terribly well yet, either, but I'm dealing.
Big girl, getting bigger.

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  1. I love the koala bear comparison, and the circles line. :) Believe it or not, AC remained in the non-mobile stage until literally two days ago. She just wasn't that interested in getting around . . . doesn't like to exert herself. So she didn't start creeping until it was easy, which took a very long time without practice.