Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Sorry I've been so quiet. (if, in fact, that's a bad thing ... yeah, yeah.)

The job has been wild for the past couple of weeks, and promises to be so right up until the minute that baby pops out. Right now it's because we've just begun using a new computer program to design our pages and do everything else we do here at the newspaper, and wow, could I go on and on about how not-fun it is. I am not the techno wizard that some others are. I have not the brain for instant comprehension of these matters. And so, do I work harder to compensate? No, I pretty much curl up into a ball of denial until the very moment I have to begin work on said new system. And then I cry inside. A lot.

Our department was the first to 'go live,' by virtue of our weekly deadline as opposed to daily for the news side, and we just successfully put out our very first magazine in the new system -- yay! This was due mostly to the Herculean efforts of my boss and coworker, for which I'm not proud. I will say that it's tough when I'm told I need to find three hours for a repeat glucose test, and the kindergarten thinks it's mandatory that I attend a graduation planning meeting, a 'summer program' planning meeting and a parent/teacher conference at around this same time. And when our stupid commute situation doesn't really allow for me to linger extra hours.

Okay, enough about all that. Just wanted to explain the relative silence on this end.

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  1. Mandatory kindergarten graduation planning meeting . . . five words that should never be put into combination.