Friday, April 11, 2008

put a book in 'em ...

They're done.

Aren't the built-in cabinets lovely! I'm just excited to have a room that I can sit in once again.

Actually, they're almost done. We have crown molding to put in along the top, but won't get to that until probably next week.

Matt and his brother, Nick, pulled an all-nighter doing touch-ups and cleaning up the room. What a lovely surprise for me when I came downstairs in the morning.

When their dad got home at around 7 a.m. (he lives in the basement for now), he admired the cabinets, too, and Matt said to him, "You actually get to see it before Ivy does!" Which is funny, because Ivy is his fiancee halfway around the world, who keeps up with the family goings-on by reading my blog (Hi, Ivy!). Then she tells him what we're up to. That just cracks me up. It takes women to get any information conveyed, that's for sure.

Close-up views, pre-books:

(the mantle's new, too!)


  1. Wow! It's cool that you've got yourself a handy husband.

  2. Anonymous5:21 PM EDT

    I thought I was looking at a picture of your parent's living room in Ephrata! You are lucky to have Matt. ~ Lisa

  3. Nice work, Matt! (And thanks for letting us see them before the crown is up.) The lighting is amazing, and the mantle ties the whole room together.

    When we get our final shots, could you give us some detail on that lovely molding, Kate? Oh, and the next time I see you, be prepared for a stiff cross-examination to determine if you truly appreciate how great your husband is. The man deserves some major kudos.

  4. Looks great! I'm feeling slight pangs of envy. I have only crooked ikea bookshelves.

  5. Nice work Matt and Nick! Top quality craftsmanship. The lights do look great. I might have to install some lights in my built in shelves.

    Kate you are lucky to have Matt, he cooks too.

  6. Kate--they're gorgeous!

  7. Anonymous2:53 PM EDT

    Gracias all!
    Big ups to Sam, who actually provided the woodworking magazine from which I ripped off the design. P.S. The lights are $20 and insanely easy to install.
    Mike - I fear you actually seeing the detail. Let's just say thank the Lord for wood filler. I've used so much of that I could probably sculpt David with it now.

    -Matt M