Thursday, November 01, 2007

too much (blank), not enough (blank)

How's this for a mind-blowing statement? When you have something to write about, you don't have time to write it! I know. I'd best now go about suing anyone who expresses that sentiment, because it's completely original and unique to myself.

Sarcasm aside ... it seems like all I've done toward blogging lately is writing down a few words of a story or thought that I'd like to type in. But a few days later, the story/thought seems outdated and/or dumb, and totally not worth anyone's time. And then there are stretches where I cannot think of a single tidbit that would be of interest to anyone but my poor dear husband, who is forced to listen to me rattle on every morning and evening and does a darned fine job feigning interest. But this blog isn't really for him, because, as I said, he gets to hear it from the horse's mouth. Whether he likes it or not.

And then, of course, there are the things I'd just best keep to myself -- not because they're dark, fascinating secrets, but because they're boring, self-pitying, downright mean, or what have you. For instance, you do not want to hear me get frustrated all over again about the latest pregnancy test failure. There are only so many ways and times to say, "Just how the HECK was it so easy when we WEREN'T TRYING???"

For your puzzlement, here is my current list:

-- fundraising update
-- Halloween costume
-- duet
-- Lizzy journal
-- Hummus street vendor
-- work mural

Do any of those sound especially intriguing? I'll take a vote on what eager readers want to see next.
And if no one votes for anything, I'll count that as the people having spoken, as well.


  1. I'll take "Halloween Costume" for $800, Alex.

  2. Hey there, Mike! Thanks for playing!

    I will do that one -- I promise -- but I think I'll hold off 'til Sunday, as I'll have photographic evidence that t'was done. And believe me -- you will need to see this one to believe that I actually did it, I suspect.

  3. They ALL sound interesting to me. But I'm particularly curious about "Lizzy journal." In fact, now that the topic's been raised, I feel like I must know!

    The thing about blogs is that it's partly that they're interesting and well written and funny, and partly that they're not work or whatever the reader is escaping by reading them. So just know this: I'm currently grading freshman essays, and so the bar is very, very low. Entertain me, please--tell me what you bought at the grocery store, how many red lights you hit coming home, anything! ;)

  4. i am a bit intrigued by 'Lizzy journal' especially if it is about you reading it...she may be scarred for life?!

  5. Hummus Street Vendor. Now THAT's interesting.

  6. Work mural, please.

  7. Second vote for the work mural here :).