Monday, November 05, 2007

anybody need a 10-pack of Depends?

So the Halloween costume didn't pan out. Three of Matt's friends invited us to Halloween parties this past weekend and the one before, but we just couldn't be bothered. What? Drive to Arlington for a Halloween party? You must be joking. We drive there and back every weekday. We are sloths. Sloths who had a 5-year-old's birthday party to plan and execute. (which went, er, swimmingly, by the way.)

So my costume idea -- actually, Matt's costume idea for me -- L1sa Mar1e Now@k, the cr@zy @stronaut lady, didn't come to fruition. Too bad. (one of the parties had a 'Heroes and Villains' theme, so I was to be a modern-day villain.) I had the jumpsuit-like dark-blue sweatshirt and sweatpants -- and the gen-yoo-ine NASA patches and baseball cap -- at the ready. Didn't ever manage to find a container of TANG and some mace and a rope to throw into a clear plastic backpack, though. But I would've, had we decided to go to a party somewhere ... I would've.

Oh, and the Depends. I did have those. I modeled a pair for Matt over the sweatpants. I thought he was going to spit his drink across the room.

They were kinda frilly. I guess incontinent folks like to feel stylish, too.

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