Tuesday, October 02, 2007

corporate shill

You all know I'm Starbucks' biggest unpaid fan. Well, except for those dudes who have attempted to visit every Starbucks in the country. How would you define that, anyway? Isn't one opened every 23 minutes, or something? (random and silly speculation) The never-ending quest ... Not for me.

This morning was funny, because we stopped at Dunkin Donuts -- we do so generally one weekday a week -- but they take only cash, and "we" (which means Matt) had only six bucks (I personally had about 11 pennies). I skipped the usual coffee, thinking that I'd get a tasty DD muffin then, and grab a 'Bux coffee later.

I'm glad I did! The cashier handed me a card for a -- you will NOT believe this, unless you're Jen Way and you work there -- FREE iTUNES DOWNLOAD! Just for buying a cup of coffee that day! It was for some Bob Dylan song that I probably won't even like, but my point is, what a totally awesome concept. The thing that really blew my mind is that the guy told me there'd be a different song download available if I come back the next day. And the next day. And the next day. Through November 7th, I see on their Web site.

I heart Starbucks. They are the best.

Speaking of Starbucks: Last week, I went into one of my usual two stores on 14th Ave., and was enthusiastically greeted by the cashier. "Do you remember me?" she said, treating me (as well as she could from behind the counter) as a long-lost friend. And as she said that, I did remember her. She looked familiar right away, but then I realized that she was a lady who used to ring me up at Magruder's grocery store, in Cleveland Park. When I lived there six years ago! I was mighty impressed with both of us, that we remembered each other.

Perhaps it's not over the line now to ask what her name is. That might be a nice next step.


  1. Maybe she'll be wearing a nametag, although that's also awkward sometimes. I hate knowing someone's name from a nametag instead of an introduction. It feels so cheesy.

    Your blog makes me want a raspberry mocha in the worst way!

  2. Yay, Kate! It was so nice to look up and see your friendly face at Sbux amidst the crazy line of people yesterday morning. Thanks for saying hi! Enjoy the upcoming free music downloads. :) Keep your eyes open for Dave Matthews and Ceu...