Wednesday, May 30, 2007

(yet another) sign

that Matt and I are meant to be:

We each, independently, purchased Blake Lewis' version of Bon Jovi's "You Give Love A Bad Name." It's generally agreed to be the most innovative and best of his American Idol performances. (he's the runner-up this season, for the 98 percent of you who are too cool to know this -- and I'm not being sarcastic with that.)
(yes, Mike, he was the cool beatboxer guy.)

So, yes, that means:
1) We both watch American Idol.
2) We both (without telling the other person) wished to download the song.
3) We both actually DID do so -- and PAID for it.
4) We are out ninety-nine hard-earned cents that could have gone toward, I don't know, a Gwen Stefani song or something.
Are we silly, or what?

It's a good thing the season is over. For the last few weeks of the show, Lizzy was imitating the annoying slide up the musical scale that signals the return of the show from commercial.
She was just about reduced to tears last night when I informed her that, no, she couldn't watch TV. Mommy's last must-see show of the sweeps season (House) was on.
Bad Mommy!!!


  1. Everyone in Phoenix rooted for that other one, the girl who won, who is apparently from Phoenix.

  2. Kate,

    Are you sure you want to admit to all that?

  3. I was rooting for Blake! I preferred his originality over Jordin's polished presentation. :) The entire Chapman family watches the show. :)