Friday, June 23, 2006

an open letter to Cadbury's

To the good people at Cadbury's London branch,

My friends, I've never met you, but you have changed my life.

I used to think I did not like chocolate. Can you imagine that? Not liking chocolate? But I can explain in one word: Hershey's. Yes, I was once a sad American girl who was missing out on one of life's finer things. But, one fateful day, as I loitered in some train station or other in Wales, I thought, Hm. Here's a chocolate bar machine. And I'm hungry. And I have the right amount of pence in my pocket. I think I shall suffer through a chocolate bar, to feel satiated for a few moments.
I made my purchase. I peeled back the paper and foil. I took a large bite...
And found a new love.

Yes, folks at Cadbury's, that chocolate bar was one of your creation. I'm not quite sure what your American Cadbury's folks are doing differently -- have we grown so accustomed to the taste of waxy chocolate here in the U.S. of A. that we won't accept your rich, milky goodness? -- but I applaud the pure, true product of Britain. Hail Britannia, and all that.

And now, I hear that your time of need has come. As a token of my sincere appreciation for your product, I will bravely volunteer to help you take care of this problem. E-mail me for the correct address to which to send the goods. No, no -- no need to thank me. As I noted before, it is I who owe you a boon.

Fondest regards,
a lifelong Cadbury's addict

P.S. -- I like all forms of your product, but my very especial fave is the fruit and nut bar. Ta!


  1. Dawn in Chicago3:16 PM EDT

    Oh YES! I once thought that I didn't like fruit in my chocolate until I had the Cadbury Fruit and Nut!! Now I can't get enough...well, I guess that shows. ;)

  2. Anonymous6:00 PM EDT

    During my time in London I relied upon Cadbury Fruit & Nut for my fruit and protein needs, I took the Tube everywhere so there was always one of those machines nearby. Then during the final stages of my dissertation (well, final before dropping out) I used the 4-C diet to maintain intensity of thought: carrots, celery, coffee, and chocolate. I recommend this as your wedding approaches Kate... Kudos to you for keeping us informed of goings-on related to this basic food of life! Miriam