Tuesday, June 06, 2006

must-see tv

I'm told there's to be a TV show called "Bridezillas" starting next week. I don't have cable, so I won't be able to watch. A pity. (on the "WE" network? Women's entertainment, I hear?) But the Web site is free (of course), so I can have some vicarious fun there.

My boss, who told me of its existence, half-suspiciously asked me about the "Kate's Bridal Blog" included on the Web site. I chuckled complacently, and prepared myself to laugh at yet another overzealous Manhattan bride-to-be. (what the heck is up with Manhattanites? Addictions to high-end shoes; eating out and drinking every night; what a life.) Then I checked out the site. Most recent entry; a tanning mishap. This Kate person got a bad burn in a suntanning bed as she prepared her pale skin for the Big Day... Uh, whoops. That could, er, happen to anybody, right?!

Then, the next entry: Finding The Perfect Dress. I mean, who would waste time agonizing over THAT? (Oops, yes. Guilty again.) I do remain smug over her description of her bargain-shopping ways, however: "I'm an outlet junkie, and I'm not even above a dash through Filene's Basement now and then." Yeah, who is? Sheesh.

Other funnies:

* She thought she'd save money by attempting to bake her own wedding cake. Except that she's apparently never seen the inside of a kitchen before. After confusing baking powder with baking soda, she decided to give up that precious notion
* So far, she's "auditioned" six hairstylists, but is unhappy with all of them, including (not that I can blame her) the one who suggested incorporating a birdcage into the hair, complete with live bird. I think the hairstylist was messing with her at that point.
* She let her fiance pick out the tuxes, but then made him take them back when she found them hideous. Ha!
* And she "let" him select the band, until he (could he really have?) chose a mariachi band. Not at Kate's wedding, buster! No -- Kate's wedding will be reasonable and "within budget."
* Except that I have to wonder what the heck her budget is when I read that she'll be serving veal at $150 a plate -- her guest list is "250 people and growing" --
* and she strongly considered, but ultimately rejected, a $13,000 photographer. My photography budget: Zero. (Until Ross decides to charge something, as he should, and I'll pretty much pay it, whatever it is, because he is totally awesome. And also, photography-minded wedding guests will be shaken down for copies of their photos. You've been warned.) Development, I realize, is more, but that can be done here and there, I figure. (translation: As with all of my other photo albums, this one will be complete about 20 years after anyone cares.)

If you are in the mood to laugh at poor hapless Kate, here's the link.
I am also frightened at her, "However will we pay for this wedding? And don't suggest a home equity loan, because we rent" attitude. Yikes. The 21st-century bail-out method of payment. (guilty again. If only we'd purchased a few years ago! The eternal lament.)

I have other trivial stray bits of commentary piling up around my ears, and will post them when I get a chance. Today, I hope.

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