Thursday, June 08, 2006


Lizzy and I are home again, home again today. Lizzy threw up a couple of times at day care yesterday at noonish, and they insisted on sending her home! Can you BELIEVE that? What the heck are we paying those people for? (I'm totally joking, of course.) Naturally, she retained enough ammo to unload on the way home as I was whizzing past exit 57 (Hwy. 66) at about 72 miles an hour. Did I mention, we have a new carseat? Well, now it's an old carseat. Doesn't take long.

She's doing well today, though. We're trying our first complex solid food for lunch -- an old Williams family lunch favorite, peanut butter and jelly. I figure, if she can keep that down, we're golden.

Matt's boss was so desperate to have him work today that she offered him a 'free day off' some other time and a present for me! I think that last part was a joke. I, of course, upon hearing this from Matt, suggested that the present be the long-awaited promotion we'd heard about last September.

I just called him to 'check in', and he said -- kind of in code, so the office mate couldn't comprehend -- that he just learned he wasn't getting the new (much higher-paying) job. Sounds like it's going away; not going to someone else, at least. Wow. That blows. We've been hoping for that for most of a year now... That doesn't put us in the poorhouse or anything, but it changes the outlook a lot. Second kid next year: Not so affordable. Wedding band: Definitely out. ... I can't remember if I mentioned this in the last post or two, but we found a killer band that we both loved when we finished watching the DVD of potential bands. It would've been an awesome reception, but a really ridiculous added expense. (can you hear me talking myself out of it? Not that it's an option any more, anyway?)

The weird thing is, as much as we told ourselves we "really needed" this promotion, I don't feel as down as I might have expected about Matt not getting it. It almost seems like the news of it, itself, was God's way of encouraging us -- telling us He'd provide the necessaries. I felt myself counting on it a bit too much, which worried me. I know that God WILL provide what we NEED, when we need it. I want to rely on Him, not circumstances.

I'm a little more worried about Matt -- he's been really busting his tail at work, being the go-to guy for people who are all paid way more than he is (knowing how to do their jobs better than they do -- that sort of thing). Apparently, he's that guy who's computer literate though he's not a computer tech, and is always trouble-shooting and installing stuff for people. He's the only guy in the office who knows how all the departments work, and fit together, and can fill in for everyone. But, as I say, he's also the lowest-paid guy in the office... He puts a really good face on it most of the time, but he's getting a bit tired of being Mr. Super-Capable and also Mr. Lowest-Paid. I just hope his hard work is appreciated and rewarded one of these days. (and, once again, I'll probably get in big trouble if he finds this post.) God bless and keep you today, Matt.

Must go now -- I've gotta watch 'Lady and the Tramp' for the 17th time and get a just-post-sickness spunky girl down for a nap.


  1. Bummer! Sorry to hear the job thing didn't work out. You would think an office would make a plan, and start working toward it. But no, much more often, someone gets an idea, and everyone likes it for awhile, and then they forget about it, and then when the moment arrives to implement it, they realize they aren't ready. So they scrap it. Most valuable/lowest paid is really a discouraging combo.

  2. I hope Lizzy feels better. How is she today?

  3. Liz: She's good, thanks! She was pretty much better yesterday -- and in fact made up for all her sleep Wednesday by absolutely refusing to take a nap -- but I kept her home to make sure that a variety of solid foods stayed down okay.