Thursday, June 29, 2006

more 'Fun with Wedding Planning'

I'd love to kill the groom over this one, but then there wouldn't be a wedding at all, so what fun would that be?

Matt tells me last night that he'd really like to have six groomsmen, actually. He doesn't want to look at photos 20 years hence and see some of his dear friends decked out like penguins, and some not! Equal honors for all! So, is that okay? Could I find three more bridesmaids?

Of course, the finding of more willing bridesmaids is not the problem. I am fortunate to have a few kind friends who would probably be willing to stand up there with us, but thanks ever so for the suggestion that I might not. I just don't want this thing spiraling out of hand. Or, should I say, any MORE out of hand... At this point, we're a couple dozen people over our guest list limit. If the groom's ornery family members, who he doesn't think will come but who have to be invited anyway, don't indeed attend. If they do, then we're even more over the limit. Ugh. I know everyone has this problem -- it's not unique to me -- but it still stinks.

If y'all had seen the church we'll be getting married in, you'd be laughing your butts off right now at the thought of 18 people standing up there in front. The mind boggles to imagine the 120 it supposedly will accommodate. I'll believe that when I see it.

I'm too disgusted by this to even articulate it clearly. I don't WANT a dozen people standing up there. Yes, we have other friends who are near and dear, and who would look lovely in periwinkle or whatever Matt puts his boys in. That's why they're AT the wedding. Because we care about them, and they care about us. And we're all celebrating together. Yippee for us.

Maybe we should just issue a uniform for all. We'll ALL look alike! We'll all be equally special!


And also, how do I phrase this to three other "lucky" gals? "I know I told you before that we were to have only three attendants each, but actually now we're doubling that number, so -- well, you weren't good enough for the first cut, but -- wanna join the crowd?"

Someone suggested we have three ushers, who have the matching suits of the other guys. As ridiculous as that itself would be, perhaps it's the least ridiculous of the ridiculous ideas.

I realize I'm sharing more with some of these wedding posts than is probably strictly polite, but ... I guess 'misery' loves company. I live but to amuse.


  1. I certainly find you amusing!

  2. I like that last idea - it's what I did. For standing up front, and wedding party pictures, just the "official groomsman," but when Matt takes pictures with just the guys, they can all be in it - then he can look at them 20 years from now and see everyone...

  3. I wonder if this is a universal wedding expierence... my ex did the exact same thing to me. He kept totally quiet and refused to even pay attention as I was planning stuff. Then at the last minute he had all these changes he wanted. In my case, he only wanted to add one groomsman, so I scambled to find a girl (it was so last minute.) I ended up using my brother's girlfriend at the time and she decided this was a promise of marriage on the part of my brother... shesh!

    In your case, I like the usher idea, too.

  4. heh heh. I was one of five bridesmaids last weekend, but it looked ok since we were outside on a hill overlooking the ocean. I'm in favor of the usher idea. Or, other wedding participant (sing a song, read a scripture) in matching garb.

  5. it is normal to have the ushers and groomsmen wear the same thing. there are just more guys. stick to your three!

    or just have uneven sides- no rules for or against this!

    looking forward to the big day!

  6. I would say give them a role without having them stand in front. Six bridesmaids and groomsmen in a venue that size seems excessive. But it truly won't matter 10 years from now. Have fun and enjoy the chaos.

  7. Well, if you have extra people standing up front, that should free up some seats in the tiny venue, right? (Looking for a silver lining in case you get stuck with this...)