Thursday, December 11, 2008

hunger striker

I keep hearing about how we're all doing our part to get through uncertain economic times these days -- talking to our kids about how they'll get merely a half dozen unnecessary gifts for Christmas this year instead of the usual 20; that sort of thing.
Maddie appears to be doing her part. Granted, her biggest expense is diapers, but I can't blame the kid; not much she can do about that. A baby's gotta 'doo' what a baby's gotta do, right?
Yesterday, I left only two bottles of expressed milk at the day care. She takes three feedings each day there, but some days I've only got two bottles to give. Production varies, and not according to anything that I can really figure out. Some days, there's just less than others, for whatever reason.
So on those days, the ladies make a bottle of formula for that third feeding.
Last time it happened, last week, she refused it at first, then drank it an hour later, then waited to vomit it all over herself and her chair until just after I'd shown up to collect her -- two hours later!
Yesterday, she flatly refused it entirely. She was peacefully asleep when I showed up, and the ladies told me she hadn't eaten since 1. (it was then about 6:15.)
Sheesh. Stubborn little thing. But I guess I'll save some money on formula this way.

She's been sleeping much more erratically for the past week or so. I suspect it's weather-related, somehow. She seems a lot more congested, and wakes up more, and the only thing she seems to want is to be suckled a little bit before passing out again. It gets really annoying for me when it happens every hour and a half or so. Makes me long for the 'good ol' days' of the every-three-hour feed.
People ask occasionally if she's sleeping through the night yet. To which I reply with a hearty laugh, an eye roll, and a "don't I wish."


  1. I could never figure out the production requirements either . . . it's a mystery. AC never took a bottle well after we went a few weeks without giving her one, and I think she would rather have starved than condescend to it. So picky!

  2. Oh Amen!! Is it really the weather? Neither of my boys are champing it anymore!! Harry has been doing the whole "i'm 'hungry' every two hours." Ouch.

  3. Oh no! You can't tell me that Maddie isn't sleeping through the night yet. Every night, Jason & I put Sinjin to bed believing that it's the night he'll sleep until morning. Overly optimistic, I know, but I can't help myself.