Thursday, February 28, 2008

back to the trivial

Hilarious and scary moment in last night's @merican 1dol: One of the contestants revealed that she's 'picky about the food placement on her plate' -- no food must touch any other food -- and she used to even 'use different forks for different foods.'

Oh my GOSH. It's Lizzy.

I've been hoping she'll grow out of that particular brand of OCD. But here's this 17-year-old who's still a freak like that!

We have this battle most Saturday mornings: Lizzy wants pancakes and syrup, and scrambled eggs and cheese, but the eggs and cheese MUST be on a different plate, and she MUST have a different fork. If you attempt to 'force' her to do otherwise, she will collapse in a shrieking pile on the floor and refuse to eat any of it. The real rub for us parents (or uncle, as poor Nick found out on a recent weekend) is that you know that once she gets some food in her system, she will feel and act a lot better. But until then ... how I long to hold her down and feed via intravenous drip some mornings. (or does that only work with liquids? Darn.)

At least perhaps if she's on a nationally televised hit 'reality program' someday, perhaps our girl can come up with something more interesting to tell the world than that.


  1. I can't stand it when syrup gets on my bacon or in my eggs. If it's not on a separate plate, which I usually make sure it is, it has to have some sort of barrier between the two. Same goes with salad dressing and other things that might be on the plate. But I almost always have my salad in a bowl. As for the fork thing, that's pretty weird.

  2. She sounds like my favorite character on TV - Monk!

  3. Anonymous7:49 PM EST

    I'm a food separator myself, especially (like the previous comment)when runny dressings, syrup, or jello are involved. My kids all have applesauce and salad in a separate bowl. It's never been an issue because I feel their pain. It just means a few more dishes to wash, but at least they are eating. Blake (12) sometimes asks for a different fork, but I make him wipe it off on his napkin. different utensils for different food seems superfluous. ~ Lisa