Monday, September 03, 2007

squirrelly goings-on

An arch-nemesis has returned. We knew he (or perhaps more probably she?) would, sooner or later ... and that day has come.

Yesterday, as I was dressing in my bedroom (isn't that how most scary stories start?), I heard a suspicious scratching sound coming from up yonder. I finished dressing, then rushed outside to find ... a squirrel furiously clawing away at the corner of our roof. He (she?) stopped and peered down at me. We had a little chat.

"Now, listen here, you," I started, after staring at him for 20 seconds or so. "We don't want you in our house again. You go find a tree, or something, to build your nest in." He seemed mesmerized. But no sign of intent to comply was given.

I went back out a minute later, to see if the would-be intruder still lurked nearby. The squirrel had made its way to the apex of the roof:


I really don't want to sleep with that thing right above my head for another couple of months. I hope Matt's partial anti-squirrel efforts in the attic (he said he ran out of screen halfway through) will be sufficient.

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  1. We've had both squirrels and bats during our home-owning history. I sympathize, but I gotta tell ya - squirrels are nothing compared to the bats!