Friday, September 14, 2007

please tell me it isn't so bad

if my daughter has a pink summer dress on today for her fall school photos.

I mean, it IS just kindergarten, after all. And, due to a school/photographer schedule foul-up, we had photos taken (in, hm, a pink summery dress, but a different one) last March or April.

Because I'm feeling bad about it. I think every other kid there has a cute winter sweater to throw on right before the photo is taken.

A (childless) coworker assured me that it was okay, since the background is sky blue -- not with fall leaves or a Christmas tree or something like that.

I hope so. I've been having a bit of a downer week -- for no super good reasons, though -- and I shouldn't be beating myself up about something so inconsequential.



  1. you're the only one who will be looking at her dress. the rest of us will be enraptured by her smile.

    (unless she doesn't smile, and then we'll all look at the photo and think, 'who is this child's mother?')

  2. Don't worry (I know it's not easy, I beat myself up about much less - it's the burden of being a mother.) But I will tell you that last year we were given a choice of backgrounds for the school picture. They sent home a proof and a sheet of paper that had all the backgrounds you could select from. So, that shouldn't be a problem. Besides, I say if the dress wasn't so dirty it was about to walk away on its own and she doesn't have huge globs of obvious dirt on her visible extremities then you're doing good. (Can you tell I've been forced to lower my standards a little lately?)

  3. Mike -- thanks. As always, your words are a balm.

    Liz -- hee! It could well be covered with obvious globs of dirt, marker, etc. -- they're taking the kindergartners last, and I forgot to bring a backup outfit.
    At least I can comfort myself in this -- we put her in something we already had. A couple of years ago, we went out and bought a darling outfit (complete with matching hat!) from Old Navy for her to wear for her photos. Which she NEVER WORE AGAIN. (It wasn't terribly practical, as it turns out.) The whole thing must've cost us, hm, six bucks a minute for the time she wore it!

  4. Well, if it's globs of dirt aquired at school after you dropped her off - that doesn't count. Even the kids with stay-at-home moms who do nothing but coordinate their kid's socks and undies with their outfits can have globs of school aquired dirt.

    PS - no offense to stay at home moms in general. But when you see the varity of moms that show up to back to school night - there really are some insane moms out there.

  5. Hayden's Mom let her wear a Holly Hobby outfit to her 2nd grade school pictures. So I think you're fine.

  6. It will help you remember how much your girly-girl loves dresses right now! :)