Monday, September 03, 2007

festive weekend

I had an awesome 'birthday' weekend. (I'm now 36 -- I know you were curious.)
Starting with the birthday itself, on Friday -- I had to take the day off because Lizzy's day care was closed (grrr). A friend had given me a spa package last year that I'd been unable to use until now (the lady stopped working weekends), so that was a lovely start to the day while my neighbor friend watched Lizzy. Then we all went to a nearby park, then Lizzy and I bummed around the house, taking it easy. (nap, etc.) Matt arrived that evening, bearing lovely roses, gifts, a carrot cake (YUM!) made by a talented coworker of his, and a hilarious card! He 'enhanced' the artwork on the front of the card -- perhaps 'personalized' is a better word. Here's a photo of it, next to the inspiration:

Yes, it's good to be married to a man with a sense of humor.

The next day, we went for a lovely drive into the Virginia countryside. Destination: Luray Caverns! I've been once before, and I thought Lizzy might enjoy it. But boy, was it ever crowded! They gave up on guided tours, and let the unwashed masses shuffle their way on through.
A few photos:

Lizzy was pretty tired as we went through -- she said she was scared of going into a cave at first, but after she got down there, she thought it was pretty neat, actually.
She really loved the labyrinth-style maze we did after that. Especially because we let her lead -- why not? We didn't know which way to go! More on that another day.

That night, we dropped Lizzy off with her grandma Connie and went to a birthday party. For someone else, but that's okay! I can share the stage occasionally.
As I am here, when Matt and I sang a lovely karaoke duet. To, "We Built This City," by Jefferson Starship! (or just Starship? I lose track and am too lazy to check.)
Note Wii-style guitar. Good form, Matt, as usual!


  1. Happy birthday, Kate!

  2. happy birthday kate!!!

  3. CE from ye Olde Europe7:19 AM EDT

    Oops. I knew I missed something on the 31st....

    Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch nachtr├Ąglich!

  4. Kate! Were you giving me hints yesterday that I just missed? Happy belated birthday.