Thursday, September 27, 2007

a difference between boys and girls

We were at a recent wedding -- a couple of weekends ago, in Strasburg, Va. -- listening to the dulcet tones of a string ... quartet? quintet? during the outdoor, tented reception. A very pleasant evening, if a bit chilly.

The group knew all the classic, fabulous reception-type tunes. The ones that fit the occasion, I should say. Everyone has his or her own interpretation of an appropriate reception tune! I'm talking about Moon River and beauties like that.

Also among the selections: 'The Rose' and 'Ice Castles'. Matt seemed a wee bit mortified to learn that I knew every last lyric to both theme songs. I never saw the movies, but that was an absolute staple of our female fifth-grade selves in the early 80s. Then again, Matt was probably in kindergarten that year. But he knows 'The Rainbow Connection', which was in the same beginner piano songbook I had then! Maybe Kermit's manly enough to merit the boys' attention, even if rainbows are involved.

It's funny what your mind will remember.

Speaking of wedding receptions, we're headed out of town tonight -- to somewhere in the Shenandoahs -- to celebrate our first anniversary. (I know! Already!!) I suppose the fact that the year has zipped by is a good sign. We're quite broke, so we were pleased when a condo-selling venture recently begged us to come take a look at their facilities. For the low, low cost of taking a thorough tour and enduring a no doubt high-pressure sales pitch. I'm not great with stuff like that, but I suspect the hubster is made of sterner stuff. Perhaps getting through it together will be a fitting tribute to our first year as marrieds.

The little girl is tagging along. We've recently acquired a trio of lovely tennis racquets, thanks to a certain inside source on such things, so we're eager to try them out. I can't wait to see Lizzy gripping her little pink Maria Sharapova racquet. I hope she has fun. If not, there's always a Build-a-Bear(ish) store on site. And a gigantic indoor kid water park-type place. Something for everyone. We're just about over that cold virus (which turned out to be much more hellacious than it at first seemed -- please accept an open apology to those whose kids we watched at church on Sunday. Ugh), thank goodness.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Ice Castles is not to be missed. If I had not just (under protest) thrown away my VHS tape of it ("outdated technology" or some other complaint--talk about the differences between boys and girls!), I would gladly have sent it to you.

  2. To my shame, I performed "The Rainbow Connection" at an elementary school talent show. "Why are there so many, songs about rainbooows...." Yep, those Karaoke skills were honed early.