Thursday, June 21, 2007

mundane, and loving it

Hi -- sorry I haven't written lately. How are you? I am fine. :)

We Maisels are enjoying a few days of relative quiet. Matt survived a bachelor party in Baltimore on Saturday night, and I managed not to ask too many questions when he got back.

Matt's dad is moving into the basement (yes, finally) the first (full) weekend in July, so we're kinda gearing up for that. Which specifically means that Matt's planning to destroy a corner of the basement, so as to build a bathroom there. Again, I am trying not to ask too many questions. I might just avoid the basement entirely until the project is complete. But then Matt's dad will be here, so ... okay. No basement for awhile. Perhaps I'll have to sneak in a few ping-pong games before the weekend while I still can.

A few more photos for you:

Matt and Lizzy, jamming in our basement. Coincidentally, in the corner that soon will be wrecked and re-made as a bathroom. (Matt is pleased with the chord his hand is making here. 'It looks good in pictures!')

Matt and Lizzy, earlier that day, at a wine festival in approximately 90-degree weather: (this is about 20 minutes before Lizzy crashed. Unfortunately, we had neglected to bring a stroller, so I left and brought her home. I'm a heat wimp, so I did not mind.)

Here's our house (in the background) during a block party:

Write when you can. We miss you!


  1. Now that's what I call a *power* chord! I'll have to have Matt teach me that one.

  2. After reading Maggie's post on the suburbs, I found it ironic to see a suburban block party. These used to be more common. Cul-de-sacs have always struck me as tending to be more communal. I guess it is the geographic layout where people are facing each other that makes them feel and act closer together. Perhaps, the increasing multicultural nature of the suburbs has also led to the increased isolationism.