Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Woe is Wii

Matt procured a Wii Fit for us -- he's been talking about it for probably a couple of months. It's pretty cool, as I've heard. Also, humiliating, as I've also heard.
The clever little balance board takes your weight, and you key in your height and the weight of your clothes, and your age, and it tells you exactly how sad a mass of goo your body is. We had "fun" figuring it out last night. I'm technically obese -- hooray! Right now, my body is about 30 pounds sadder than it has ever been (non-pregnancy-related). And that 30 pounds lighter is no testament to a fit body, either.
I realize that now counts as pregnancy-related, but the fact that I haven't lost any weight since about the first week and a half after I had Maddie is a great concern. What have I been doing? Sitting like a lump in front of the television, but also -- BREASTFEEDING! It just isn't working quite as magically as it did the first time around.
Maddie's protesting that she's been put down for 10 whole minutes, so it's time for me to get over myself and go get her. Ugh. And, well, take a walk, I guess. Darn the brutal Augusts of the D.C. area. :(

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