Tuesday, August 26, 2008

just when you think you're making it ...

I've been grateful recently that, in what feels like an incredibly debt-ridden, not-so-wealthy stage of our lives, some expensive things that could go wrong with the house(s) we own, haven't. And then I feel anxious for having thought that, as if I'm going to jinx us. And then I feel as if I lack faith for worrying about 'jinxing us,' and not relying more on God's provision, regardless of circumstances. And then I remind myself that God's not the one who decided to take on some of the debt we have. So why would I pin anything on Him, anyway?

The basement -- which, as most of you probably know, we just 'recovered' from Matt's dad last month -- is one of those things I'm anxious about. It seems like a lot could go wrong with the lowest point of one's house. The homes in our neighborhood, to my knowledge, have either a basement or a crawl space. So it's rather important for that pump to keep workin', because we all know the nightmare of flooding in a home.

It hasn't rained recently, so imagine my surprise when my foot lands with a *squish* on the basement carpet at the bottom of the stairs. Okay, who spilled something??? Must've been water, because I don't see a discoloration on the carpet. But then I looked a little closer, and realized, with a sinking feeling (figuratively), that the moisture was coming from underneath.

That was Sunday -- right before we had guests coming by, no less -- and we still don't know what's up. Matt and his brother have pulled back the carpet and are trying to keep the carpet and pad dry with towels and a dehumidifier, and Matt's planning to tear into the wall tonight or tomorrow in the hope that it's a broken pipe, and not a crack in the foundation. Which, need I say, would be catastrophic? I don't even want to think about the expense/effort/sacrifice that would be required in that instance. As Matt put it, "we wouldn't have a basement any more."

Here's what it looks like in that corner right now:

Here's hoping it turns out to be something relatively minor. And relatively cheap.


  1. it's gotta be a plumbing problem... even if the foundation was cracked, you'd need rain to make the floor wet.

    best wishes, and good luck. let me know if you need a hand with drywall or anything.

  2. ...waiting with bated breath...

  3. Oh, ugh! But I agree--if it hasn't rained, it must be plumbing with that amount of water . . . (I say this as someone who grew up with a basement prone to wetness, and witnessed my parents singlehandedly install French drains in our already concreted basement).

  4. Kate failed to mention that it happened when I turned the sprinkler on. Found the problem - ground water getting through a small crack underneath the connector set in the wall from the main out (white pipe in pic) to outside. That is to say the plumbing is fine, the crack in the wall under it is not. Had a plumber come to look at it just to be safe. He confirmed my notion that I could take care of it myself with some hydraulic cement. So, no demo needed and this patch job may work. Truth is, I probably need to dig up outside and apply it there too. FUN.

  5. I feel like i'm learning so much from your blog!!
    Oh, and a little solidarity for you--after we moved into our condo, it started leaking--on the inside, every time it rained. We've had plastic sheeting up for 5 months while our building hires contractors/sues developers and we all dig deep deep deep into our pockets. Fun!!!