Monday, June 23, 2008

(almost) all set

This weekend, we got our baby junk down from the attic and took a look at what's survived the past five years or so. It's nice to see that some lovely, fairly pricey things that our friends gave us when Lizzy was a babe appear ready for another round. Lizzy herself helpfully tested some of the things -- the bouncy seat, the infant carseat, a musical blanket play area thingie, for instance -- with her dolls to make sure they were fit for use. If I weren't so loath to walk up and down our stairs, I would've fetched my camera and gotten some cute photos of it all.

We (Matt and his brother) shoveled out the third bedroom, which has until now been a computer room/Matt's closet/dumping room for some stuff we didn't quite know what to do with, and set up some baby things there. Grandma Connie bought us a nice changing table and bassinet, and we have the toddler bed in there as well, because we don't know what else to do with it. We're going to hold off painting or anything of that level of ambition until we can see for ourselves what flavor of child we've been blessed with.

Lizzy and Matt have declared us "ready," and both of them independently said it'd be great if the baby came tomorrow (which is now today). I vote "not QUITE yet," though with each passing week, I care juuuust a little bit less about being able to work through my boss' planned vacation weeks, etc.

Lizzy told me Sunday that she'd had a dream that the baby had been born, that it was a girl, and that she had successfully held it without dropping it. When I asked if the baby had had a name in her dream, she said, "Yes -- either Lila or Penelope." Though Matt and I haven't come up with a name for certain, it's a fairly safe bet that those two are not in the running.


  1. That's funny about Lizzy's dream. I had been feeling "boy" for you, but now I'm thinking maybe you'll be the only pregnant person I know right now to have a girl! Who knows!

  2. I'm on Lizzy's side. I love both those names.