Tuesday, June 03, 2008

34 weeks

A good friend encouraged me to be loud and proud to be myself, not one of these frustratingly dainty little pregnant people who look totally like themselves, except with a volleyball under their shirts. So, in the spirit of self-acceptance, I present to you this photo of myself, taken last night by my 5-year-old daughter (which is why it's angled up considerably, perhaps heightening the effect?), looking more like someone who's gained 50 pounds over the course of the experience and was a little overweight to start with:

Yes, I have six more weeks to go (in theory). No, I'm not sure how it's possible to get MUCH bigger, but I have every confidence that a way will be found. Supposedly, the baby weighs about four pounds now. Since Lizzy was 8 pounds, 2 ounces ... oh my. Yes. A ways to go.

The good news is, from the vanity perspective: The ever-increasing belly minimizes the also ever-increasing thighs, upper arms, double chin, etc. ... There's some work to be done here after that baby arrives. We have big plans to have located and procured a Wii Fit by then.


  1. I love this shot. You are really beautiful, Kate.

  2. Cool shot! I haven't decided yet if I'm going to take any pregnancy pictures.

  3. YES! I'm so happy to see this picture. You look mah-velous. It's nice to get the kids-eye view too.

  4. The thing is, in spite of what you say, you look ADORABLE!

  5. Anonymous8:20 PM EDT

    yee-hah! woo hoo! you're looking good! and good for you for being bold. I was just in discussion about how I don't have any cheeky friends except my daughter lately, then I checked your blog. (no, this was NOT a veiled request to see cheeks!) Love, Mir