Friday, March 21, 2008

Go Cougs!

My team made it past the first round of the NCAA tournament. Yay! I mean, they should have, but you just never know.

Next up: Notre Dame, on Saturday night. I wonder how a school that once rated among the Top-10 party schools of America (before I went there, I hasten to point out) will fare against a Catholic school on the night before Easter. Hmmmm.

At least they're more likely to be shown on national TV. Thank goodness for CBS' streaming video of ALL the games.


  1. While WSU is solid defensively, they are going to have to put up a few more points if they are going to make a serious run. I have them losing to the Irish and if they get past that game North Carolina most likely awaits. Best of luck though. Maybe they could play my Vols in the Elite 8!

  2. O.K., so I stand corrected. Wazzu pounded Notre Lame, now we'll find out if they are a giant killer. Go David!

  3. Hee. Nice of you to say so. Here's hoping ...