Thursday, August 09, 2007

more photoage

Hey Tara -- it doesn't take much prompting from me to brag on my daughter. :) I just don't trust my judgment, where she is concerned. But, since you mentioned how lovely she is -- thanks! -- I had to throw a couple more photos on here of her and her wonderful daddy. Taken at a fabulous birthday party we had down the street about a month ago. It was a "Go Diego Go" party, so we found a Dora swimsuit and little grass skirt for our little girl. It's all about the matching!

This is now one of my favorite all-time photos of the two of them. Oh, that hair. (Lizzy's, that is.) (HA!)

Matt and I are currently selecting sticks with which to beat away the boys in a decade or so.
I'm sure it will seem like about 10 minutes.

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  1. She's gorgeous. I'm sure this will aid in her apparent intention to "find a doggie to marry" some day. ;)