Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lizzy's new bed

We're taking this new house thing very slowly. Life, and budget limitations, intrude.
But we did manage to set up a new bed for Lizzy. No more toddler bed! We swapped beds with Pop-Pop (now in the basement), which was handy because we scratched up the wall getting the queen-sized bedsprings downstairs, and weren't looking forward to trying to force the thing back up. Pop-Pop gets a bigger bed, and everyone's happy.
We were pleased to find princess sheets in 'size full'. I guess a lot of parents spoil their kids (by giving them big beds, for one thing).
We plan to paint the walls and do lots of fun stuff to the room, but for now, here's Lizzy's new bed:

Hey! Who are those people in it? Oh yeah. Matt and Lizzy. Matt was kind enough to read Lizzy's second book last night, and he hung around until she fell asleep. (yes, our child is firmly in the 'spoiled' camp.) And fell asleep himself. And cruel, cruel Mommy sneaked in to take pictures. But, c'mon -- would you have resisted?
Take a closer look:

I was going to make some jokes about Matt sleeping with other women -- maybe label this post 'grounds for divorce' or 'infidelity' -- then I decided that maybe that's not quite so funny to everyone.

One last peek at Lizzy:

She looks like such a colt from that angle! She's our little growing girl.


  1. Anonymous10:30 AM EDT

    matt looks quite comfy with Snow White...hmmm Great pics!

  2. ha ha! I love pic #2 (the closeup) He and snow white are practically lip to lip.