Monday, July 02, 2007

Demolition Fam

This weekend, we began the scary, scary business of prepping the basement for a bathroom installation.
Matt thought it would be cute to get Lizzy in on the act. I think he just wanted cheap labor!
Here's what we did, in photos:

We started with this back room, around the corner in the basement. Matt (with help from plumbers, etc.) is putting in a bathroom on the right side, and he's making a deep, much narrower closet on the left.

Start point:

Matt had already removed doors and doorframes and such. Now for the fun part!

Here's Lizzy, sizing up the job:

Here's Matt, providing a little coaching and adjustment:

Lizzy's getting into it! She was grunting and everything. I foresee a promising future in tennis, or perhaps softball:

A heroic young demolition girl displays her prize:

(we tried to get her to wear sensible shoes, Dad, but she was sold on the sandals. At least we managed to talk her out of bare feet.)

We couldn't resist this opportunity for cuteness:

Even Mommy got into the act! Someone had to get the high spots, after all.

End point:

I don't think Matt ended up doing more punching through the wall (with the hammer) than just getting Lizzy started. We girls had too much fun doing it ourselves. We left Daddy the clean-up duties. :)


  1. Looks like fun!

    I'd love to help with any part of it, under the following conditions:

    1. Matt teaches me that killer power chord.

    2. Ella gets to play with Lizzy.

  2. Wow! It looks like you were super efficient. Jason & I are usually too chicken to do that kind of thing.