Thursday, July 16, 2009

quick blast

I was reminiscing on the way to work this morning about how, this time last year, I stepped out of the shower, sneezed, and realized that my water had just broken and we were ready for ACTION!

And now, here we are, a year later, Mickey Mouse cake pan ready for use (black frosting, though? Someone wasn't thinking through that very well. Oops) this weekend, big girl who took her first few steps last week and insists on practicing and growing, big sis who is really excited about her sister's first birthday, etc., etc. Don't tell Maddie, but we got her a couple of Mickey (and Pluto) stuffed animals for her b-day, and Grandma Connie bought her the coolest pair of shoes EVER -- first big-girl pair! They're pink and sparkly and really flexible and, gulp, really expensive. Thanks, Gma Connie! -- and Grandma and Grandpa Williams sent some beautiful clothes (I assume -- they're still wrapped), and I also picked up yet another Baby Einstein video for Maddie last night at Target (the packaging says all over it, 'intended to be watched WITH your baby' -- har! So, it's NOT just baby crack, for when you're trying to load the dishwasher in peace?), and we're going to bake some cupcakes for her 'class' for tomorrow (though almost none of them is old enough for solid food. Eh, whatever -- the teachers will enjoy it). I'm especially amused by how the Mickey and Pluto have been sitting in our front hallway all week, undisturbed by Maddie.
All in all, we'll enjoy our little girl's special first birthday. I can't believe it's here, and I wish it weren't, but it is, so ... we'll do our best.

Coming soon: Stories from the 'gee, now it's time to wean. I wonder how that's done?' zone...


  1. Happy Birthday Maddie!!!

  2. Happiest birthday wishes to the little one!

  3. Happy Birthday to Maddie!