Thursday, July 09, 2009

officially losing my baby

Well ... a week from tomorrow, Maddie turns 1.
Oops, sorry ... okay, I've composed myself again. Mostly.
To add insult to injury ... the lady at day care told me yesterday -- the one who is apparently like a second mother to Maddie, she loves her that much -- that Maddie took a step on Tuesday, and two steps yesterday. As a friend said to me today in consolation, though -- these milestones don't really happen until you SEE them happen! (sniff) (thank you, Liz.) ;)

This child ... is so adorable, and so huge, and such a big eater, and just all that is precious and joy-inducing. I love her so much. I have to say, I have truly enjoyed just about every baby-type bit of the past year. I would even do it again, if I could. (with Maddie. Not with a fresh baby. Too risky! I might not get a nice little mellow one that time.)

We just couldn't love her more.

I can't believe, when Lizzy was this age, I got her only half the time that I now get Maddie. Matt and I were apart, and passing her back and forth. How miserable THAT was. I am so grateful that things are so very, very different this time around.


  1. Happy birthday to Maddie! And I'm so glad to hear that it was such a great year.

  2. happy happy! Maybe my daughter will end up with the same b-day as yours....

  3. Oh, Kate! I feel you. Although of course, AC still doesn't walk, so I may be carrying her around as if she were a baby for a few more years.