Saturday, April 18, 2009

Second in line

There are a lot of things to love about having Kid No. 2. For instance, I just popped up into the attic and fetched down four toys -- three of them on the more expensive side -- and now Maddie's playing with them. All for the low low cost of just storing them for a few years.

When we cranked the first one up, the music (insert total plug for Leapfrog products here) made me nostalgic for the many, many hours Lizzy and I spent with the thing. It's a small table that encourages a growing baby to stand. Maddie's a wee bit young for it, but she's trying to pull herself up on stuff already. Mostly, she gets to leaning toward it, then falls into, say, a table leg and bonks herself on the forehead and cries. The cost of learning.

Maddie has no lack of help in figuring these new toys out. Lizzy just loooooooves to play with these toys, in the guise of showing Maddie how they work. We're watching this happen, sort of picturing Maddie never developing at all, learning soon that she can sit back and let Lizzy do all of the work. Ahhh, help. When you want it, it's unavailable, and when you do get it, it's in all too great a quantity.

In other 'news,' we saw the circus today. I was hoping for some stellar scrapbook photos, but the light doesn't allow for much of that. I'll try to see if any of them are worth posting later on. All in all, though, Matt and I are pretty sure that's the last show of any kind we'll see for awhile. Lizzy just isn't that wowed any more. She spent a lot of time being upset that we weren't in the FIRST ROW (we were in the second row, though!), because the FIRST-ROW spectators were taken out to the floor and driven around during one of the manic Disney meets Cirque de Soleil numbers. (this was actually Barnum and Bailey, for the record.) And the people-movers were even shaped like teacups! The injustice!! So, we'll stick with buying necessities for ourselves instead of lavish productions for our spoiled suddenly pre-teen. Oh yeah -- Lizzy has informed me that she's too old for Disney princess stuff. She traded her pink Disney princess backpack for a blue High School Musical-themed pack last weekend. Ahhh, the end of an era.

Until Maddie gets there -- hurrah! I'm already looking forward to it.

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