Monday, April 13, 2009


Maddie let us keep this rabbit hat on her head for more than 0.3 seconds! Longer than her sister at her age, that is. Yay Maddie!

Wee Maddie has really gotten into the crawling. At least, fundamentally -- she can do it pretty well. Something about her slightly jerky movements reminds me of a mechanical toy. It's just the cutest thing -- like seeing a chubby plastic doll chugging along.
She doesn't really love it, though. It's more a method of convenience. If everyone, or the people she wants (Matt or me), leave a room and she notices and doesn't like it, she'll trek into the next room, looking for us. (but it's not like we leave her for long; don't get concerned!)
When Lizzy learned to crawl, she was everywhere, as I recall. Loving it; testing the new skills to the limit. Maddie seems more of a content child, dipping into the newest skill only when practical.


  1. Maddie sounds like she's eminently sensible :)

  2. I like the picture of Maddie with the ducky--what were you calling it? Duckifier? So funny!