Thursday, September 11, 2008

shots (heard 'round the world?)

I'm about to take my sweet little smiling baby in for her eight-week checkup. That means four shots in her chubby thighs. One of the most miserable moments for a parent? At least at the newborn stage, quite possibly. Yet I am a staunch supporter of vaccinations. So it's a necessary evil. Kind of like vegetables and (I believe) spankings. No fun for either party, but a must-do.
What amuses me about it this time around is that Lizzy is quite disappointed that she won't be there to watch. Not 'to support my sister' or something -- to WATCH. She expects me to take her out of school early, or let her stay home the whole day, so she can go!
When I explained that this was quite impossible and would not be happening, she said, "Well, that's okay. You can just take a picture, I guess."
Strange child.
I found out yesterday that Maddie did NOT get put into my insurer's system, as I had carefully ensured would be the case by my many calls to my HR dept. I think we have it all figured out by now, but let's hope I don't get there and get told that I need to pay hundreds out of pocket for these shots. That would certainly make it doubly painful.
The baby's fussing now -- no doubt anticipating great pain to come -- so I must away! I've been offline for about a week. I'm feeling chatty. Maybe I'll jump back on later to discuss my thoughts on such matters as Ruby Tuesday's new ad campaign, and the belts in my closet. You can't wait, I'll bet!


  1. HI Kate Just seen you left a message on my brother's blog ( in May, and am inspired to check in with you, to let you know we are still paying attention with you, ruby tuesdays and all.

    jc and kc with keh visiting....

  2. Poor little bug! Hope she tolerates them well.

  3. I can't believe she's 8 weeks old already. Adorably, she's got lots of padding, so maybe the shots won't be too bad for her?