Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I dunno about this place sometimes

I am never up this early!
Why am I up this early today? Well, I wanted to MAKE SURE Lizzy got registered for a swim class at the local rec center.
I wouldn't have even dreamed of the necessity of getting up at 5 a.m. for this task. But stumbling upon the registration site a week or two after the first day of registration didn't work so well last time. Actually, it did -- I got her on a wait list, and our name came up, but she decided that the second-level class sounded too scary. Given her tendency toward shyness in new (especially slightly scary, to her) situations, it was probably for the best that we gave up that spot.
But, she'll be 6 in November, and this level 1 class was only good through age 5. So, with Matt's agreement to escort her to class -- they begin four weeks before my due date, and last for eight weeks -- I planned to sign her up for a summer course that starts in June.
Amusingly enough, the one thing that got me stuck on rising early for this task was Fairfax County's "Don't worry! Don't lose sleep over registering your kid -- HA! Actually, everything but the aquatics classes remains open for registration after the first day. By the way -- did you know we start registration AT 5 A.M.?!!?!
Heck. Pregnant people can't sleep, anyway.* So I found myself awake and staring at the clock at 5:13, and thought, what the hey.
By the time the computer graciously allowed me access to a registration page, it was about 5:20, and I was sweating a little. Just the fact that the site seemed to be crashing due to high volume was blowing my mind. Or was it our computer?
Nope. It's the site. When I got in, NINE of the class' TWELVE spots had been spoken for. Are you SERIOUS??? By the time I paid and logged out, it was 10. And I don't think the 10th was Lizzy. Granted, it's a Saturday morning class, the only time we (and probably many others) could make it.
Well, we're in now, boy! And the lesson is reinforced; if the game is competition, or getting your kid in a program of some sort, don't mess with the parents in Fairfax County. Yowzah.

* This has to be God's/the body's slightly harsh way of preparing us for those sleepless nights. Seems like SLEEP is my ideal preparation for months of sleeplessness, but hey. Not up to me, apparently.


  1. I shudder at the thought. If life requires that we fight so hard for kindergarten-level advantages, I have a feeling that my baby will always linger behind those of more motivated parents, like say the Br*mer-S*hs! :)

  2. Hey, we might turn out to be laid back parents . . .